Relying on not my own strength

In moment like these, I am relieved by the strength of my King. I wrote a list of the things I have to do for only this one class, CO301D, and boy there is 5 things to do by tomorrow at midnight. Plus, I need to study for my finals, finish a revision paper, and do something else that my brain has forgotten (most likely not on purpose). So believe me when I say that I am relieved by the strength of my King. When I am weak, He is strong.

Honestly, it is by the grace of God that I am currently working on any amount of homework and staying on top of the many things that I need to do, schoolwork excluded. I clocked out probably 2 weeks or so ago and became a hot mess because I was extremely overwhelmed. But here I am, almost done with my second year of college. And, in reflection, so much has happened this year.

I have become closer to my King and have actually felt the love and intimacy of the living Father. Looking back, I have led a group of people through this year into Jesus, I have walked besides a few girls and guided them in their process with the Lord, I have broken off old habits because the living King actually loves me, and I have become more bold and more empowered because I hold the kingdom behind me, before me, and within me. When I take a step back and look at the world through the lens of the King, struggles fade away because my God is bigger.  I am so thankful for my relationship with the Lord, and I hope everyone has the opportunity to taste of his goodness. It’s not religion. It’s not an obligation. It’s not repressive. I am free because the King of Kings chooses to love me. How can that not baffle me? Every sin that I commit has already been paid for. Every single one. I have deserved death, but my sins have been paid for and I stand here pure before the King because he forgives and he dwells within me.

I have to remind myself of this amazing truth. Yes, I can get overwhelmed. Yes, I have several things to do. Yes, I get worried. But I can breathe easy because my God is bigger.


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