Meet the Expert: Cathy Fleischer

Cathy immediately mentioned Everyday Advocacy. Everyday Advocacy means that you act as an advocate on a daily basis, which is removed from the legislative advocacy.

“Think of your local context.”

I love this idea because it seems more practical for teachers. Cathy mentioned that we, as teachers, are extremely busy, and it is hard to find time to be an advocate on a larger scale. By working within our context, we can still make a difference and incorporate change within our classrooms, staff meetings, board meetings, etc. This also seems more reasonable and, perhaps more important, because it directly effects you and your students. But, this can also be applied to a larger context, i.e. state level or federal level.

Cathy also laid out a clear plan:

  1. What’s your issue?
  2. Who’s mind do you want to change? or help to understand?
  3. Come up with a plan to reach this person.

This seems like a simple layout, which is encouraging to know that advocacy can be done and acted out. Now, it won’t necessarily be simple or easy, but this lays out a plan for each of us to take. I think I can breathe a bit easier now because I have a plan that I can follow.



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