Everyday Advocacy and Educators for Excellence

Everyday Advocacy

Everyday Advocacy focuses on how we can be Learn, Prepare, and then Act on the issues that concern us, but also do it in a “smart, safe, and savvy” way. It is important to know your issue, which both comes through Learning and Preparing; then you have the resources to Act. There is also a focus on Telling Your Story.

I like this idea of Everyday Advocacy because it is realistic and manageable for teachers, but it is also practical. It is so crucial to understand your issue so that 1) you fully understand the policies and the problems and 2) that you can respond to questions or oppositions in an informed manner.

Educators for Excellence

Educators for Excellence is aimed towards teachers for teachers to initiate change. This cite, and those who are involved with it, want teachers to have a voice in the policies that directly effect them and their students. Teachers are crucial to a students’ learning ability and improvement, so Educators for Excellence strives to include teachers in the decision making process.

I think this cite is extremely resourceful for teachers because it includes several pages of information on issues, but also makes it clear as to why this organization exists and what their aim is. I like the idea of including teachers in the process, often teacher’s aren’t included and then higher officials wonder why there is so much push back.

I don’t think either aim to make it seem like advocacy is an easy process, but I do feel as if they both portray simple strategies, i.e. they have plans, but how effective are they? I know there is resistance to teacher voice and educational reform. I want these cites to include more information or experience on this form of advocacy.


One thought on “Everyday Advocacy and Educators for Excellence

  1. Advocacy is something that may seem simple on the surface, but deeper down, it is far more complicated than it is originally thought to me. You model that perfectly in your analysis of these two organizations.


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