Self Assessing Leadership

According to the Leadership Compass Self Assessment, I thrive with both Action and Vision. I thought this assessment was pretty interesting because I couldn’t quite check off every point I wanted to because it continued to say something that I don’t consider myself to be or do. For example, “I am quick to act and express a sense of urgency for others to act.” Yes, I believe I am quick to act, but I don’t necessarily believe that I express a sense of urgency for others to act. I like to think that I encourage others to act. Maybe this is the same thing, but the wording did throw me off.

I think it is interesting that I scored both with Action and Vision because they can be seen as opposites. I am a “go-getter” and will get things done, but I also like to have a purpose and a game plan, i.e. vision. Tests like these are eye-opening, and I can see how I could thrive in both of these areas within teaching. I need to know what I am doing, but also know why I am doing it. This is true, and I see this now within my own life. When I lead others, I do need to see the what and the why.


One thought on “Self Assessing Leadership

  1. I enjoyed the fact that you took the positives from this test and applied it to how it can impact you as an educator. Often times, it is easy to resist these quizzes and brush them off as here-say, but you took it as seriously as you could. No they are not a give to how you as an educator/human will act, but it can offer some insight.


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