Supporting LGBTQ Students: 3 Takeaways

1. Allow yourself and your classroom to be a safe place.

It is important to keep your classroom a safe place for all students, including LGBTQ students. You can inform your students of this verbally, or with a physical sign outside your classroom, etc. to communicate that you and your classroom are a safe place.

2. Do not allow homophobic comments within your classroom.

For one, these comments are inappropriate, and two they single out a specific group of people, and three they demean students’ identity. As a teacher, we draw the line on what is appropriate in our classroom and what isn’t; it is important that your students feel safe and welcome in your classroom. Derogatory comments as such should not be allowed.

3. Be a resource for your students.

Your students may choose to open up to you, so it is important to support them and choose to love them. Also, know the resources that students have, i.e. GSA club, counselors, yourself, or any other resources that your school/district/community provides for students.



One thought on “Supporting LGBTQ Students: 3 Takeaways

  1. I also chose to focus on the LGBTQ community for my level up blog post and I liked that we both focused around similar ideas. It’s refreshing to see someone else who is personally invested and interested in being an ally to these students. I really appreciate this!


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