How to Be an Ally Outside of the Classroom

Public Allies

Mission: “To create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it.”


public allies

I personally love their partnerships with AmeriCorps because it allows students to have access to a resource that will practically prepare them for the “real world.” They have an opportunity to have hands-on training with real jobs, leadership training, access to mentorships, and have the opportunity to build communities. This is so crucial for everyone, and this allows students to have a direct resource.

After School Alliance

Mission: “We’re working to ensure that all youth have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs.”


“Our goals

  • To be an effective voice for afterschool in efforts to expand quality afterschool programs.
  • To serve as an information source on afterschool programs and resources.
  • To encourage the development of local, state and national afterschool constituencies and systems.
  • To communicate the impact of afterschool programs on children, families and communities.”

I found this fact sheet for Colorado and it is surprising to see how many students could benefit from an afterschool program, and how many are involved with one. I, personally, see the benefit from my own childhood in elementary school because 1) it gave me something to do, 2) I was making good decisions, 3) my parents could still work, 4) it gave me a sense of community — the list could go on and on.

Both of these organization offer things that a traditional classroom setting cannot. Public Allies allows students to partner with an organization that can help them in the workforce. Afterschool Alliance offers a community outside regular school hours that keeps students safe and engaged throughout the day. These programs, and programs like it, allow students to have other allies in their lives outside of the classroom. This is important to both the student and the teacher because 1) the student has more than one resource/mentor and 2) the teacher isn’t the only one investing in their life.


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