Status: Complete

Wow does it feel good to say that I have finished my UGP on writing a memoir! It is crazy to think that this journey is finally over! Now, I have to say that I have enjoyed it a bit. It has been interesting, and I really have learned a lot about myself.

I have learned that I really do care for education, especially for students and teachers. I have learned that I definitely have a passion for it, and I belief that each student has a voice and needs to be heard. I wasn’t heard, and it really devastated me and frustrated me that I wasn’t “important” enough to be in on the conversations that effected me and my classmates.

I learned that writing a memoir is hard. It is no where near to easy when you haven’t really even dabbled in writing in a memoir genre, whatsoever. I have learned that I feel better now, having completed this project. I have learned that I can write a memoir.

I learned that wobbling is a part of the process and it needs to be a part of the process. This is extremely important for students as well – they need to see you struggle as a writer and know that you are, in fact, human, too.

I learned that I may continue my memoir, or not at all — and I like not knowing. I know my memoir will change. I might have another focus, another idea, more memories, as my life changes and continues to grow. It is constantly changing, and that is okay.

I learned that time management is sometimes really important, but we also have to give ourselves a break and just be okay with procrastinating (because it is going to happen). Some of the best ideas come from this (example A: me).

I learned that there is always something else to learn. There will always be something else for us to learn, even as teachers. I belief we never stop learning, and that’s significant. We will never fully arrive at “knowing everything” — and that’s okay.

It’s been a journey, and I am proud to say that I have finished the UGP. (Although it isn’t really bittersweet). But I’ve grown through this, and that’s important.


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