And I’m Feeling Good

Du dun. du dun. du dunnnnn.

I’m feeling goooooodddd. (click for awesome video Buble style) I am finally swimming in flow, and almost posing a bit too within this genre. Writing a memoir is hard, trust me, but once I figured out how I wanted to write it and what I wanted to include, I started to flow. I am usually not a planner when it comes to writing, because I like to write freely, but planning within this genre is extremely important. If I didn’t sit down and plan it out, I would probably still be freaking out right now.

But I am not! Thank you Jesus!

I have only a few more things to complete and then I can submit my Teacher as Writer badge, which is extremely exciting! Spring Break is also this weekend, which makes it even more exciting that my badge will be completed by this Friday, and then Saturday, I’m off to Spring Break!

Since I am over the hump, per se, of writing a memoir, I feel a lot better about writing a memoir. But don’t get me wrong –> there will be wobbling if you try it yourself. It is such a free genre because there really isn’t any clear guidelines on “How to Write a Memoir” as we would with a five paragraph essay or a Shakespearean Sonnet. Those are specific, but a memoir is loose and free and you can really write it however you want to write it because it is your story. I’m sure some would appreciate this freedom, but I do need some structure or game plan on how to write anything really. So when I started I didn’t really have a reference point for experience or anything – I didn’t even know that some of the things that I have read are actual memoirs. But, now that I think of them, they are memoirs. They are their own genre, which makes sense as to why a memoir is a memoir and not an autobiography or a non-fiction piece. Now a memoir can have elements of an autobiography and non-fiction, but the genre exists somewhere in-between. A writer also has the opportunity to include and omit as much of their history as they like, and they are allowed to embellish if needed as well. It’s like a creative-non-fiction-autobiography without limitations.

This freedom is also kind of nice because a writer can do anything they want with their memoir, and I don’t think that there can only be one memoir either. When I think of an autobiography, I think of one finish piece, but a memoir can be written over and over again because we always have new stories to tell or a new epiphany that we want to share – which really makes sense in terms of our lives and what we value. Our values change, our stories change, our memories get replaced with others – we change and our memoirs can change. It would be interesting to come back to writing memoirs in a few years or decades even and see where my touchstone moments are then, and see how they changed.

I’ve grown to appreciate memoirs, and I respect those who have created longer memoirs. I don’t know if I will write more, maybe later, but it has been really interesting writing within the genre. I still have some to edit, but even in writing my draft, I know I learned a bit more about myself than I thought I did. So maybe a memoir is meant to be therapeutic for the writer and insightful for the reader, a dual effect, if you may.

It’s nice that I have been apart of this journey and can write my name under those who have written a memoir, no matter how long or short.

So, I’m feeling good.


One thought on “And I’m Feeling Good

  1. 😍 I’m so glad you found your flow! I really enjoyed reading your draft of your memoir. You should really consider putting it here on your blog. Or in a book. Or a magazine. Make your own education magazine. I would subscribe!


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