Just a Mini Freak Out

Okay, honestly, I am going a little crazy. I feel like there is sooo much to do and literally no time to do it. There are way to many requirements for the UGP and it feels like everything is due at the exact same time as every other thing I have to do for my other classes and for things outside of school.

I have been trying to write my UGP but I just keep getting stuck. What moments do I choose? How do I write them? There is almost too much freedom in the way memoirs are written. So how am I supposed to write mine?

I feel so stressed, but I don’t want to be stressed. I want this to be a learning experience, and so far it has only tested my ability to not freak out, which has failed. I want to write my UGP in my own way, but I don’t really know what that way could be. Poems? 2nd person?



I have recently come to love 2nd person P.O.V. –> it is always beautifully written and really points out the obviousness of the world around us, plus you can say so much more in the 2nd person without sounding cocky or stupid.

For example:

1st Person: I finally got a B. I’m such a genius.

2nd Person: You take your paper and read the smudged “B” across the page. You call yourself a genius.

3rd Person: The teacher hands her the paper, but she is reluctant to read it. She whispers, “Genius,” as she stares at the grade.

Okay, I don’t know how effective those three perspectives were, given that they were made up in less than a few minutes – but I can say so much more in the 2nd person. My current Fiction workshop professor has shown us some amazing 2nd person pieces, and they really do speak for themselves. Here are some examples:

Junot Diaz “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie” (Riverhead, 1996).

Lorrie Moore “How to Become a Writer” (Self-Help Stories)

Each of these are wonderfully done, and if I was to write my experience this way, I think it could be really effective. Wow, I can say that in the 10 or so minutes it has taken me to write this blog post so far, I already feel a bid relieved.

Memoir is such a wide category and it doesn’t have too many restrictions to it, so it is hard to narrow down exactly how anyone could write their story. Like I have mentioned before, Dorothy Allison writes via little stories and uses stories as a means for survival – by admitting those stories she takes hold of herself and claims her own identity in a strong and powerful way. Maxine Hong Kingston retells the stories her mother told her and retells them for herself as a means for female empowerment where she can take agency back for herself. Both women write via stories, which is what I am aiming for too, but neither one write in 2nd person.

In fact, I haven’t read any memoirs, or even seen any, written in 2nd person, but I also haven’t read anything. But how interesting would that be? I could really show how the students’ voice isn’t a priority, and show how it needs to be. Plus, I can more effectively present the students’ perspective by placing my readers in their perspective.

I am honestly way more pumped about this memoir than I was before.


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I feel like this cat. And honestly, if I could just search “excited kitty” online, I could stare at the pictures all day long, because cats are adorable when they make funny faces!


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And look at this cutie!

I feel very relieved that I have more direction on this UGP. It’s been hard. A lot of it seems really ambiguous, or the info is hard to find, so I feel encouraged that I have focused/chosen to write in 2nd person.

Thank you Jesus for your continued support. I’ve been freaking out, and honestly, each time I center myself on him, everything seems to fade away.

I’m off to draft this thing. Wish me luck!



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