Flowing: High Hopes Once Again

I have to say that I feel a ton better now that I have started to draft my UGP. I am definitely flowing as I am writing in the 2nd person. In 2nd person, I am able to place my reader directly in my shoes as a student, which I think is extremely effective for my goal to make the student voice a priority. Plus, I feel like I am flowing as I write because I finally have a way of writing my memoir.

I feel like that is the struggle each of us are facing. We see different examples online, or we have read a few pieces of our genre in our classes, but we have to make it our own, which is a process. Like I have said before, how exactly do I start a memoir? How do I make it my own? I feel like we are all struggling with these questions, especially since we have to twist our piece towards the question of education –> which isn’t too terrible, but it adds another layer to the UGP.

I think it is important to think of education when we write, especially since we aere learning to write as teachers. But, I also think that this is different for everyone as 1) we are exploring different genres, 2) we are learning how the title “writer” fits with ourselves. It hasn’t been an easy process, and many of my posts can attest to, but once we hit flow, it seems easier. I have to say that I like flow much better than wobbling – not that wobbling is bad, but I feel like I have been wobbling for a while now and it is nice to get out of the stuck-ness and into the flow-ness where maybe I can learn to pose.


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2 thoughts on “Flowing: High Hopes Once Again

  1. I’m so glad you’ve started to get into your flow mindset! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do and how you engage me as a student, because it will be a relief for me I think to engage in the project as an outsider rather than a colleague/writer myself.


  2. I’m happy you’re flowing, and I’m still getting there. I think this process is an effective way to connect with students in your future classes. As far as the yoga comparison goes, I feel like I would have already given up on yoga altogether and just done some cardio by now if I wobbled this hard. Nonetheless, it’s great to have a whole class behind us on this.


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