Morning Pages: Working Towards Flow

What are your rules for working towards “flow” as a writer?

Well, I have never really thought of having rules to my progress as a writer. The one that I have had since seventh grade was to do my personal best. This statement has been a significant part of my motivation as a writer, a student, a worker – everything, because it reminds me that my best isn’t always everyone else’s best.

Now, this also motivated me when I was younger to do the best and to be the best. But, as I have grown, I really have learned to hold onto doing my best. It takes away the competiveness, which is extremely important when we are wobbling as a student, teacher, etc. When I do my personal best I seem to flow and to naturally flow where I am learning and testing new things and truly being challenged by myself and by others.

But, when I am not doing my personal best and I seem to fall behind and eventually become stressed – I have to push myself to just start the assignment. Brainstorm. Doodle. Verbally process. I need to do something because by taking that initial step towards even thinking about the task at hand, it actually helps. Shocker, right?

And to be honest, I am there right now. I need to just brainstorm and to just write. Don’t think too hard. Don’t worry about editing. Don’t expect it to be perfect. Just write.

Plus, I need to be wobbling as I work towards flow and pose –> if I am not wobbling, then what am I doing? So even as I am working towards flow, I am also wobbling. And that is okay. We can always learn and adapt, we just have to allow that to happen.


2 thoughts on “Morning Pages: Working Towards Flow

  1. I love this! I had never heard of doing your personal best until I came to college. I used to always tell my families that I would do my best, and for most that worked, until it came to my father. I would always say, “I’ll do my best dad!” To which he would often reply, “No, you’re going to do it right.” Maybe that was him just trying to get me to always do the best that I could do, but to this day it still feels like he never really believed that my personal best was good enough. Since then, we’ve hit several rough patches, including one where I cut him almost completely out of my life for almost two years, but he’s started telling me he’s proud of me, so that helps some I guess, but there’s still that little piece of me that wants nothing more in life than to please my parents and make them proud of me. I hope no one ever tells you that your personal best isn’t good enough, because that’s a rough thing to work through. Sorry this comment got kind of personal, and sad, but it’s what I felt. Keep being great, Lauren!


  2. I really like this, I believe there’s a huge power in working to be your personal best. It’s so easy to compare yourself to the people around you and think “why am I not as good as they are?” It’s much harder to take a moment and realize the only person you need to ever compete with is yourself. I really believe that once you’re happy with where you”re at you’ll ignite the desire to be even more, thus you’ll never stop growing. While on the other hand if you’re competing with others there a very harsh line indicating the completion of your goal.


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