Morning Pages: Letter to Me

It is okay to wobble.


Dear Me,

First off, way to go with where you are at. You are a writer, and you can write. Now you’ve been doing it for a while, but it’s always¬†changing and improving – there is always something new for you to write about or for you to explore. Currently, your main project is the UGP, and it is a lot to undertake, but you’ve done similar projects, and you always give it your all.

Right now you’re probably feeling a bit nervous because there is still several things to do to complete this project, and you’re a busy gal – there is always something to do. But, take a breath, close your eyes, exhale, and relax. You’ve got this.

You’re a writer. You’ll always be a writer. And you love writing. Plus, you’re planning on writing a memoir – you’ve never done that before, so you’re challenging yourself and you’re pushing your abilities as a writer. Trying something new is hard, and even though this is the purpose of the project, it doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. It’s okay for it to be hard. It’s okay to get stuck. It’s okay to really not want to write it because you don’t know where to begin. More often than not, you’ve already been in this place with other projects, and each time you’ve pushed through and created a pretty amazing piece, if I may say.

Plus, it is also about something that you are passionate about: teaching, learning, students, education -> definitely something you could probably go on and on about. But, remember you need to focus. In writing a memoir, you don’t need all the details, you don’t need to know every side because it is all about your experience and your perspective. Your senior year was hard, and there was probably way too much turmoil for a 17-year-old to take on. But you did. And now these moments have taught you something, and you have the opportunity to share them with the world.

So relax, and write as you always do. And even if it isn’t the UGP or a memoir – whatever you write, whenever you write, remember it is okay to wobble. If you’re not wobbling, you’re not learning, and you’re not pushing yourself out of what is comfortable and familiar.

So go, you! Write without limitations and hesitations, and maybe something beautiful will form.



Past You.


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