Thinking About the UGP

I’m thinking of writing a memoir because 1) it is something I have never tried before and 2) I’ve read a few memoirs lately and they are interesting and I would like to see how it would pan out for myself.

As far as experience goes, I have a bit. In my creative writing class for fiction we have explored a few prompts that are specific to our own experiences, but I didn’t write my piece going in like I was writing a “memoir.” I’ve also attempted a few pieces before, but they fell short (literally like only a page) because I was just writing to write and to process a few things, but I know it’ll be a bit different with writing a memoir.

I know memoirs are about their authors – personal stories and histories unique to that person and their culture. It include memories and experiences that have marked that person’s life, but its not an autobiography. From the memoirs that I have read, they focus more on something bigger than merely explaining their own lives, there seems to be something more to the story that they are telling.

I chose this genre because I find it interesting. Like I said, I have been reading a few memoirs and they are impactful. They focus on a bigger moral issue, but break it down via the author’s experiences. I don’t think they always have to do this, but it’s what I have found.

I would like to see what’s it is like to write just about me. I’m writing fiction currently, and I’ve written poetry, and in a way they all kind of include something of me in them, but they have never solely been about me. I think it would be fun to explore this.


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