Morning Pages: The Power of Not Yet

Not yet.

A pair of words that can be both hopeful and discouraging. On one hand, it means that you have yet to do something, but it implies that you still have time. But on the other hand, it can discouraging: maybe you procrastinated, maybe you simply don’t have time, maybe you don’t believe that you can do it and that’s why “you don’t have time.”

I’ve been there.

But, as I said – it implies that you still have time. You have time to watch another episode of How I Met Your Mother. You have time to write the last few chapters of that novel you’ve been writing. You have time to tell your friend you don’t like their significant other. You have time.

These words can be powerful if we let them be. But they can also encourage us because we can accomplish what we have set out to do and what we plan to do. You have a dream? Great! Explore that dream. You really want to eat Panda Express? Great! Go buy yourself some. Because you still have time.

We can get stuck in our routine or our usual and miss everything else entirely, and we start to believe that we can’t do it. But we have to move passed this feeling and this notion that it’s just not for us, it’s just not meant to be – cliche right?

It’s important to value ourselves and to value our dreams.


One thought on “Morning Pages: The Power of Not Yet

  1. Agreed. The power of “not yet” works in our every day lives, too. How will you convey this to your students in your own classroom? The UGP experience might give you some insight into students’ needs to be supported as they struggle through something new, be it a writing process or an unfamiliar genre.


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