Morning Pages: How to Help the General Public Find Worth in Education

I find this question almost alarming, as if the worth of education has dwindled, which it has. Sadly, education doesn’t seem to hold as much weight as it used to. For decades, centuries even, it was a way out of poverty, a way to better oneself, a way for a better income, a way to equalize oneself against the challenging work force. But now, what is education worth?

As a student in education, I would love to say that it is worth something. For me, it’s the knowledge, the people, the challenge, the opportunity to be apart of a wave of intellectuals. For children across the United States, they have to go to school – either public, private, or home school because you simply need it to succeed. Employers always ask for your highest degree of education and it can play a huge factor in whether or not you’re hired. But I don’t want to go to college, or graduate from high school, just to land a job somewhere. I would like to think that I am gaining something better – something that I can hang onto throughout my life, something that I can pass down. I want to gain more than a degree.

So when I think about how I, as a writer, can help the public see the power of education, I have to stop and think. We are people who like to learn – we have been learning things all our life, especially when we learned we could ask the question why? We want to learn, we want to absorb new facts and new feelings and new ways of writing – and as I learn about Shakespeare and you learn about Shakespeare, and we learn about The Civil War, and we learn how to compute math equations – a sense of community is created. And from this basis of knowledge we can grow and discover new things, together.

As a writer, I have the opportunity to persuade you that education is worth it. My wish is that there will be a point where we don’t have to – even if it’s just one class, or one year, or just high school – we can learn something and that knowledge becomes ours, our little weapon in the world.


2 thoughts on “Morning Pages: How to Help the General Public Find Worth in Education

  1. I feel in today’s society, education is both belittled, and swollen beyond reality. It’s either not taken seriously, or treated like the only option you have at living. As an educator I want education to be important, but I think also, it shouldn’t be pressured on kids as their only option.


  2. I agree that it’s alarming education isn’t valued for the gift that it is today. In my opinion, education is the gateway to a successful and happy life because school gives you the ability to ask questions and the drive and necessary tools to find the answers.


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