Morning Pages: Letter to the President

Since my junior year of high school I have extremely passionate for students. Unfortunately, that passion arose via the discord within my school and its district. It was corrupt. It still is corrupt.

I loved my teachers – their dedication, their knowledge, their passion for the material and their energy encouraged me to learn and to have fun while learning. I wanted to learn about Shay’s Rebellion, and the Electoral College, and how sustainable wind power could be – but I quickly learned how my teachers were treated by their superiors.

One word: Terribly.

The principals at my school and the district members/board attacked my teachers. There was also a parent group that blamed the teachers for their students’ grades on the teachers’ teachings.

I knew these teachers – they were phenomenal. They would be there with their students everyday and help them with the tests. You got a D? Want to change it? Okay, let’s meet after class. Still got a D? Okay, let’s go through what you got wrong. Now you got a C, and here’s what you can improve on. Here’s some more material, let’s talk again after class.

These teachers were determined to help their students succeed. I heard terrible, true, stories about my principals trying to get my teachers fired – all on false pretenses, only because those teachers were good and spoke their mind about the neglect they had received. I personally spoke with board members about how they were mistreating their students – mainly during my senior year of high school.

I started to fight for my teachers and these students because no one else was.

Students are the future. Students are our success as a people and as a nation. But with no teacher, there is no student. We need teachers, and we need teachers to be valued.

Yes, there is uproar about how to teach, and what to do, and where the money goes, and public v. private, and common core, and blah, blah, blah. But with all of this talk about everything else, we are missing the point.

Where is the value for our teachers? Where is the value for our students? Where is the value in making sure that these students are properly supported? That our teachers are properly trained? Because right now, the value seems to be about money.

I want to live in a country where students and teachers are a priority.

Wouldn’t you?


2 thoughts on “Morning Pages: Letter to the President

  1. It is a shame, because teachers are the one RAISING THEIR KIDS. Teachers should be valued and appreciated so much more than they are. It is absolutely ridiculous that football players get millions and millions every year, yet teachers often have to deal with very low salaries.


  2. I’m gonna say I’m certainly not glad you had this experience with good teachers getting fired, but I will say I’m glad my school isn’t the only one. I experienced multiple times, a great teacher’s job being threatened because they weren’t teaching how one person at the top of the ladder wanted them to teach. I remember specifically having math and science teachers with their jobs threatened because they weren’t teaching to what I can assume was the common core/CCSS/crap-ola. They conveyed standards through their own individual lessons, not through what they were told. And we LEARNED. We didn’t just memorize and reflect, we absorbed it. And it’s a shame they try to fire these teachers.

    This is the school I may return to someday because I just want the kids to have some positivity in their lives. I just want them to be successful and rekindle the fire in their souls. And I’m afraid it could destroy me.


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