Blogging About Blogs

Here are three blogs that I found intriguing. But first, let’s talk about audience.

  1. Mike Rose’s Blog: I specifically read a blog post about Donald Trump, to which Rose comments on his presidency, post-election in November. While reading, I noticed that Rose was directing his conversation towards left-wing readers, especially since he used diction such as “we on the Left side.” It’s easy to understand that Rose is respectful in his language towards Trump, but it also obvious that his readers, and himself, do not appreciate him winning the election. Rose also takes certain “moves” per se when he discusses issues that are specifically left-wing arguments.
  2. Itty Bitty Kitty Committee: Found this gem, and immediately noticed that it is for people who loves cats, but more specifically those who want to know about the cats/animals that the organization takes care of. The posts provide updates on their animals, fundraising opportunities, and general info. *Featured image is from their website. The cat’s name is Wylla.
  3. Katie’s Book Blog: This blog is specifically tuned to those who love to read. Katie reads suggested books and then makes up a review for these said books. However, her audience could be anyone who likes to read, anyone who needs to know whether or not to read a certain book, or those who need a quick summary of the book.

Although each of these blogs are wildly different, it is obvious to detect them as a blog and not a novel, news article, book, etc. What makes these blogs blogs (am I getting repetitive yet?) is that they are opinionated, for one, but the language is specifically loose and more conversational rather than analytic, elevated, or uber intelligent. They’re also short. And non-fiction. However, posts can be long, and fictional, and uber intelligent. The authors of these blogs aren’t working for a publisher, a company, a school project (although, look at me) – they are writing about what they are passionate about, and what matters to them most. There are other forums for sharing your passions, but blogs offer freedom of expression. There is really no restriction. Which is quite fascinating – what you say can be electronically published and won’t be subjected to review (in some cases, it could), but generally, you have the freedom (especially if you have your own domain).

When I think of my own audience, it’s a bit weird. Hi. Hello. Welcome to my thoughts. That’s really how it feels, but as I write, I write as a 19-year-old college student that loves writing with real thoughts and real emotions and real reactions. I expect college students to be blunt and stuck in a thought – which is great, so I feel like I equally embody this bluntness. But, my blog can also bring in an audience that is interested in teaching, or school, or Jesus. I am extremely talkative, or as I learned in Spanish class, Soy una habladora. Me gusta hablar. I like to talk. And Honestly, I try to write, at least in my blogs, as I would if I was verbally communicating with someone. Even now, I am vocally writing this blog and typing it up, simultaneously. Sometimes, it takes a moment to gather my thoughts, but when I think of a blog, it is raw and real. Not to say a novel can’t be real, or a poem can’t be real, but those genres are expressed through symbolism and meaning. With a blog post, it has a different kind of meaning. A writer, or anyone really, can write about their opinions and passions and politics and cats and books and guns – it’s an open genre.

I definitely have more respect for blog posts now that I have blogged about blogs. Ultimately, I want my blog to serve as a forum for communication. Mainly, to a certain extent my posts will be about teaching, but they can spark other conversations as well. I know I don’t want to come across a crazy 19-year-old college student that babbles all over the place, but in my opinion it’s more real. I talk like this, or somewhat similar to this type of writing. If you can find my voice in my blog, then you can have a better understanding of my passions, and interests. Of course, there will probably be a time where my voice changes, mainly because of tone or the material I am writing about – but, bottom line, I want my personality to come through in these posts and answer my professor’s questions to the best of my ability.

So here’s to a blog that is real and raw and blunt.



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